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Wendy Blaxland's blog

Eleanor's birthday, 31st December 2012

Here's our gorgeous girl, who turned 26 on the 31st December. Today the sky was as intense a blue as the afternoon she was born, with treeferns pressing against our bedroom window in New Zealand. Now we have treeferns outside my study window back here in Australia...Happy birthday, Eleanor!


Eleanor with a proud papa, Allan, at afternoon tea


Wendy and Eleanor

Owls have always been an important symbol for Eleanor

So there were owls aplenty today for her, with a mug from Finland via Norway, a purse from India via London (thanks Jess and Tom), raspberry chocolate from Galler, chocolatier to the King of Belgium, and an Art Nouveau bookmark and cards from the Horta house in Brussels - yes, how lucky we have been to travel again this year - ah, pardon, last year now!


Happy New Year, everyone! May the owls guide us with their wisdom and protect us with their calm clear sight. In this year, may we know the sweetness of superb food and better books,  the blessing of good  friends and family that wraps us like a hug. Welcome, 2013!




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