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Exciting Article about 'Crossing'!

29 December 2012


This might be a late Christmas or early New Year present - I don't care!  The Crossing! project made the front page of the Lithgow Mercury today! http://www.lithgowmercury.com.au/story/1208103/one-more-notch-in-the-proud-family-tree/?cs=12 .


This is the fantastic photo they included:

Thomas Blaxland Ashby, Wendy Blaxland, Eleanor Blaxland Ashby at the Hartley photo shoot to publicise the Bicentenary of the Blue Mountains Crossings in 2013. Taken by Len Ashworth of the Lithgow Mercury.



Just to put the record straight, Gregory Blaxland is my four 'great's grandfather, and it's five for Eleanor, Jess and Tom. It was a sweltering hot day last Sunday for the photo shoot - not quite what Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson experienced on 30th May 2013.


Blaxland later wrote in his published Journal about the temperature that morning:


'The climate here was found very much colder than that of the mountain or of the settlements on the east side, where no signs of frost had made its appearance  when the party set out. During the night the ground was covered with a thick frost, and a leg of the kangaroo [that they had shot for food] was quite frozen. From the dead and brown appearance of the grass it was evident that the weather had been severe for some time past. We were all much surprised at this degree of cold and frost in the latitude of about 34 degrees.'


A frozen haunch of kangaroo - brrrr!  They were sleeping under canvas (literally) too. No down sleeping bags and sleeping mats in 1813. The recreation trek in May 2013 (called the Blue Wave - an extarordinary undertaking by a dedicated band of individuals) is going to be verrrry interesting. I've put myself down for spending a day and night on the trek, as a Blaxland descendant; and I hesitated long and hard before NOT choosing the 30th May...didn't fancy frozen haunches of my own...


Read my earlier blog below for more photos from this great photo shoot, and details of the Crossing! play (written and co-produced by me) to be performed through the Blue Mountains and on to Lithgow and Bathurst in 2013!




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