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Happy International Poetry Day!

Here's a poem for you!
photo by David Hill BMLOT

To celebrate International Poetry Day, I'm sharing part of the CROSSING play: a poem called 'Build a Road', commemorating William Cox and his party of 30 convicts who constructed the first road across the Blue Mountains in six months during 2013 and 2014: what a feat!



by Wendy Blaxland


How do you build, do you build d a road? Build a road to last?

Step by step, you build a road, build a road so fast.


How long does it take to build a road? Six months for men like us.

Mr Cox to lead and a good square feed, it’s enough for men like us.


How many men to build a road? Thirty men like us.

We’re fit and strong, it won’t take long, we’ll work without a fuss.


Out in the bush in good clean air it’s grand to work at last.

I break the stones, I may crack my bones, but the road is moving fast.


And we’re the men who fell the trees, fence off the drop with rails

For William Cox, I blast the rocks, I beat the iron nails.


And we’re the ones who stir the pots, who fill the bellies up,

You work real well if you know the bell means good grub coming up.


You don’t look up, you don’t look down, you work and you never stop

And then one day you look round and say, ‘Hey men, we’re at the top’.


So why do we work to build the road? To build this road so fast?

Cos when we’ve done, we’ll tell our sons we built this road to last.

Yes, when we’re done, we’ll tell our sons we built this road to last.



As an extra celebration, we're also giving schools which book a CROSSING performance before Thursday 27th March a free signed copy of my children's book The Princess and the Unicorn. Booking details at http://blaxlandanddaughter.com/schools-bookings/ .


Enjoy the day!

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